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All the important information you need to know to be successful at breastfeeding without all the fluff.
We break it down simply so you have
the tools to feel confident as you and
your baby learn to breastfeed.



What you'll learn:







  • 1. Getting ready to breastfeed! –The benefits of breastfeeding, your changing breasts, recommended breastfeeding gear and how long to breastfeed for.
  • 2. How breastfeeding actually WORKS and how to be successful! – All about your breastmilk, your milk supply and your baby’s breastfeeding cues.
  • 3. Getting off to a GREAT start! – The science behind breastfeeding, the BEST breastfeeding holds, how to get a good latch (and how to make sure you’re doing it right!).
  • 4. The first few days! When will your milk come in? How often will my baby eat? How do I know if they’re getting ENOUGH?
  • 5. How to navigate the early days of breastfeeding! – Is my baby sleeping too much? Should I give a pacifier?
  • 6. Taking care of yourself while breastfeeding! – Can I drink caffeine? Have a glass of wine? Is it ok to exercise?
  • 7. 9 BONUS LESSONS INCLUDED!!! Breastfeeding 911 - What to do when you hit a hurdle and easy ways to overcome the most common breastfeeding problems – like sore nipples and engorgement!
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What's inside

The Breastfeeding Class

This online breastfeeding course will help you establish a successful breastfeeding foundation for you and your baby. Learn the basics of breastfeeding, how to read your baby’s hunger cues and set your breastfeeding journey up for success! We provide the tools and guidance you need to establish your ideal baby to boob relationship!



Lifetime access to 40+ video lessons that get to the point and teach you the most IMPORTANT parts of preparing and learning to breastfeed!



Real-life breastfeeding demonstrations and how-to videos with breastfeeding moms.



A comprehensive breastfeeding guide outlining all the lesson highlights and what you need to know! Perfect to print and use as an easy reference!



Need to connect directly with Stephanie or an IBCLC to ask a breastfeeding question? No problem! You'll receive direct email access to our IBCLCs.



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"Before taking the class, I felt overwhelmed to embark on my breastfeeding journey. Afterward, I felt more knowledgeable, prepared and confident. It made a huge difference in getting my baby and I off to a great start. I’m so thankful for Modern Milk and the practical education provided through this course. "

-Brittany & Henry



"I get more messages and comments about breastfeeding and how challenging it is than anything else! My saving grace was this breastfeeding class and a lactation consult with Stephanie at Modern Milk. Make sure to check it out!".




"Breasfeeding is hard! You will feel more prepared
by taking this course!"

-Dr. Danielle Garvin






When do you recommend taking this course?
It is best to take this course in your 2nd or 3rd trimester.
Can I take this course after my baby is born?
Yes! If you are in the first month of breastfeeding and feel like you could use a little more education when it comes to breastfeeding, you will benefit from this course! The best part is that with over 40 video modules, you can pick and choose to watch the content that is most helpful for your situation!



I struggled with breastfeeding my first baby, would this course work for me?
Yes! We help you establish a foundation for successful breastfeeding and address many common breastfeeding challenges. This is the first step to creating a different breastfeeding experience with your newest baby.
Can I watch the videos in the order I choose or do I need to watch it from start to finish?
This course is organized so that you can pick and choose how you want to view the lessons! Questions about latch? Watch the latch video first! Struggling with sore nipples? There’s a module for that! Or you can sit back and watch from start to finish and soak it all in. You view what you need at your own pace!




In addition to the 40+ video lessons, comprehensive breastfeeding guide, and unlimited email access to our IBCLCs, I am also adding in two amazing bonuses that will help you along your breastfeeding journey!



Bonus#1 Breastfeeding 911! 9 Video lessons reviewing the most common breastfeeding hurdles and how to overcome them!

Bonus#2 Our FAVORITE Breastfeeding Tracking Journal! You can throw away all the other tracking journals because ours has a place for you to track all the important stuff — like feedings, diapers and sleep! Not to mention reflection and encouragement for YOU - MOM! We also include day-by-day tips for your baby’ first week of life.



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About me



20 years ago I began my career as a Women’s Health RN which led to a degree as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and later a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Over the years as I have cared for breastfeeding moms, I could always tell which moms had taken a breasfeeding class. They were more confident with the various holds and positions, knew how often their babies should be feeding and most importantly — they knew when something wasn’t right and when to ask for help.

I want all moms to feel this confident with breastfeeding and to know the little tips and tricks to make things easier. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret — no one is going to educate you about breastfeeding unless you take the initiative to do it yourself! It’s true. Your medical providers, the nurses in the hospital - they want you to be successful but they unfortunately don’t have the time to tell you everything you need to know to get off to a good start. So mamas, do yourself a favor and learn all you can about breastfeeding BEFORE baby arrives! You'll be thankful you did!



Are you ready to begin your breastfeeding journey?



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